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If task 2 starts to enter the method and task 1 is

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Unformatted text preview: am, known as critical region. •  The critical region in the Account example is the entire deposit method. Locks •  You can use the synchronized keyword to synchronize the method so that only one thread can access the method at a time. o •  One approach is to make Account thread-safe by adding the synchronized keyword in the deposit method in Line 45 as follows: public synchronized void deposit(double amount) 33 Cri4cal Regions and Locks •  Used to be a topic of systems programming. Now a common topic •  The concept of cri4cal regions and locks are everywhere around us –  Share road outside of our academic building •  Lock Traffic light; CR Road –  Shared washroom of a coffee shop •  Lock Physical lock; CR The toilet •  In Java, every object is also a lock 34 Synchronizing Instance Methods and Static Methods •  A synchronized method acquires...
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