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Unformatted text preview: t;Double>(); list.add(5.5); // 5.5 is automatically converted to new Double(5.5) list.add(3.0); // 3.0 is automatically converted to new Double(3.0) Double doubleObject = list.get(0); // No casting is needed double d = list.get(1); // Automatically converted to double 16 Problem 1: Incorrect Parameter Types Node b = new Node();! TreeNode r = new TreeNode();! BTreeNode s = new BTreeNode();! Lunch<Node, TreeNode, BTreeNode> l = new Lunch<Node, TreeNode, BTreeNode>(b,r,s);! We want to more properly say the following: Lunch<subtypes of Meat, subtypes of Starch, subtypes of Soup>! 17 Problem 2: Inheritance of Generic Types •  ClassA extends ClassB •  Subtype Define Subclasses of Generic types not required! –  ClassA is a subtype of ClassB –  Stack<ClassA> is NOT a subtype of Stack<ClassB> •  Are we losing polymorphism? –  This creates trouble for us –  Customer...
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