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13_Review Lecture

Why try catch exception e3 catch arithmeticexception

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Unformatted text preview: y throw exceptions } catch (Exception1 exVar1) { handler for exception1; } catch (Exception2 exVar2) { handler for exception2; } ... catch (ExceptionN exVar3) { handler for exceptionN; } 10 Be Careful with Mul4ple Excep4ons   Note that the following will produce a compiling error. Why? try {…} catch (Exception e3) {…} catch (ArithmeticException e1){…} catch (IOException e2) {…} MultipleException Generics Review points •  Basic syntax of declaring/using a generic type. •  Basic syntax of declaring/using a generic method •  Wild card matching and support of polymorphism –  Bounded parameter types –  ? super/extends –  PECS principle Generic Type Runtime error Generic Instan4a4on Improves reliability Compile error GenericMotivation 14 _interfaces.ComparableRectangle, ComparableRectangleWithGeneric Generic ArrayList in JDK 1.5 15 No Casting Needed ArrayList<Double> list = new ArrayList&l...
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