10 pts part iv using the accompanying list of

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Unformatted text preview: t of structures found in the neck and thoracic cavity, label the structures shown in the figure below. (30 pts, 5 pts/question) Question 33 was omitted from the quizzes on Thursday thymus 27. _______________ A. aveolous B. lung C. bronchus D. bronchiole E. trachea F. thymus gland G. thyroid gland H. larynx larynx 29. _______________ trachea 30. _______________ thyroid 31. _______________ lung 28. _______________ bronchus 32. _______________ Quiz 10 140 points Version 2 Clicker ID number: _________ Name ___________________________________________ (please print legibly) Section 1 Mon 2 Tue 1 7 Tue 2 3 Wed 4 Thu 1 5 Thu 2 6 Fri (circle the section for which you are officially registered) Part 1: After transporting oxygen to body tissues and removing carbon dioxide, blood flows back to the heart. The table on the right lists some major structural features of the adult c...
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