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Unformatted text preview: in C. internal jugular vein D. brachiocephalic vein E. cranial vena cava F. subscapular vein G. subclavian vein H. axillary vein I. external jugular vein 23. _______________ 24. _______________ 25. _______________ 26. _______________ 21. _______________ 22. _______________ 33. Which of structures 27–32 in the diagram on the right correspond to the structure indicated in the photo shown on the video projector.? (10 pts) Part IV: Using the accompanying list of structures found in the neck and thoracic cavity, label the structures shown in the figure below. (30 pts, 5 pts/question) A. larynx B. thymus gland C. thyroid gland D. trachea E. bronchus F. bronchio...
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