A term below may refer to multiple structures

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Unformatted text preview: structures indicated in the figure. Therefore, you should include all the structures in your answer. (20 pts, 2 pt/question) no partial credit D, E, F, (G) ________ 9. carpel H ________ 10. sepal A ________ 11. petal B ________ 12. filament D BC E F C ________ 13. anther B, C ________ 14. stamen D ________ 15. stigma E ________ 16. style F ________ 17. ovary G ________ 18. ovule more on the back! A G H Part III: Using the list of thoracic veins on the right, label the veins shown in the figure below. (40 pts, 5 pts/question) A. external jugular vein B. axillary vein C. su...
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