Quiz 10

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Unformatted text preview: corresponds to each structure. (40 pts, 5 pts/question) (body tissues) 1. 2. cranial & caudal vena cava right atrium A. aortic arch B. left atrium C. right atrium D. pulmonary artery E. pulmonary trunk F. cranial and caudal vena cava G. left ventricle H. right ventricle (note that left and right refer to the left and right side of the animal) 3. right ventricle 4. pulmonary trunk 5. pulmonary artery (lungs) 6. left atrium 7. left ventricle 8. aortic arch Part II: Which of the flower parts in the accompanying figure best fit the names and descriptions that follow? A term below may refer to multiple...
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