But the suggeson that this world is the only possible

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Unformatted text preview: xercise our free will within natural laws (though God is aware of what we do and will do there is no predes+na+on) •  These ac+ons create pain and suffering. God does not inflict suffering, rather he allows it to happen. Why? •  So we can learn from our mistakes. •  And so we know what good is – by viewing the contrast with evil. •  Some evil is necessary as it brings out our beCer quali+es, i.e. bravery, selflessness in the face of terror. •  We can’t “explain” evil, it is merely a part of the best possible combina+on. •  So the world is “great” or necessarily “very good,” rather it is the best possible world. But the sugges+on that this world is the only possible one creates a sense of predes+na+on, a determined world, right? What about free will? •  But Leibniz says that God made a selec+on (for us)...
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