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Unformatted text preview: flawed in a similar manner or worse, because if one of these worlds had fewer flaws, God would have chosen it to create. •  Leibniz claimed that since reason and faith are both crea+ons of God, they cannot contradict. Also because human beings are a crea+on of God they cannot be less than perfect. •  The Theodicy is his aCempt to explain and reconcile this problem. Like many philosophers during the Enlightenment, Leibniz believed that Chris+anity was at heart ra+onal and more “enlightened” than non- Western or “primi+ve” religious beliefs. Tenets of Chris+an faith could always be defended with reason. •  If that is so, then how can you defend (with Reason) The Problem of Evil? •  According to Leibniz the answer is: •  Humans are limited in their wisdom and will, which means they will make bad decisions, act incorrectly, etc. •  We are able to e...
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