1 existence precedes essence 2 other than 1 there are

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Unformatted text preview: modernism. In many ways, postmodern artists and theorists continue the sorts of experimentation that we can also find in modernist works, including the use of self- consciousness, parody, irony, fragmentation, generic mixing, ambiguity, simultaneity, and the breakdown between high and low forms of expression. —༉  Many date postmodernity from the 1960’s when we witnessed the rise of postmodern architecture; however, some critics prefer to see WWII as the radical break from modernity, since the horrors of Nazism (and of other modernist revolutions like Communism and Maoism) were made evident at this time. —༉  Others including the handout authors suggest that it is intimately connected with 1945 and the dropping of the atom bomb, a moment of intense irony, where progress leads to the greatest slaughter of all time – bringing everything into question and beginning the great “ironic age.” —༉  Extreme self- reflexivity —༉  Irony and Parody —༉  high- low culture conflation —༉  Retro —༉  questioning grand narratives * —༉  Simulacrum * —༉  powerfu...
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