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Unformatted text preview: l visual influence —༉  paranoia/conspiracy —༉  late capitalism —༉  pervasive sense of pop culture —༉  disorientation —༉  Simultaneity —༉  Fragmentation —༉  Secondary information society —༉  questions of identity —༉  The Existential Experience —༉  Soren Kierkegaard – the “Father” of Existentialism, suggested that the individual must be the starting point for meaning. As opposed to the dominant philosophies of the time (Kant) which relied upon systems (groups, universals). 1. Existence precedes essence 2. Other than #1, there are no absolute principles. Human nature is only fixed because we have agreed to recognize certain attributes, but this can be changed. 3. Angst – the problem of freedom, choices (see #2) 4. inaction, hopelessness, Hamlet (see #3)) 5. hyper- subjectivity, immediate awareness of our situation –...
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