What is the postmodern does it even exist or is it

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Unformatted text preview: itself —༉  Violence —༉  Depictions of the Southwest —༉  Postmodernism can be seen as part of a continuum of literary/artistic/cultural movements (Western World): —༉  Renaissance 1550- 1660 —༉  Restoration/Enlightenment – 1660- 1789 —༉  Romanticism – 1789- 1832 —༉  Victorian 1832- 1898 —༉  Modernism 1898- 1945 —༉  Postmodernity 1945- present —༉  How these movements work in reaction to each other, how they resemble each other? —༉  What is the Postmodern? Does it even exist? Or is it just a continuation of the Modern? —༉  We must start with Modernism —༉  Usually when someone refers to the "modern period," they mean the period from about 1898 to the second world war. This is a time of wild experimentation in literature, music, art, and even politics. —༉  This is the period that saw such revolutionary political movements as Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Anarchism, and so on. Indeed, "isms" abound as various groups establish bold manifestos outlining their visions for an improved future. —༉  Manifestos about artistic form are just as widespread...
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