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Physics, Vol. 1, Second Edition

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Unformatted text preview: Reminder: US Physics Team Round 1 Exam Today after school (2 hours) skillz required! Title: Feb 127:59 AM (1 of 9) Title: Feb 128:24 AM (2 of 9) Title: Feb 128:26 AM (3 of 9) Title: Feb 128:30 AM (4 of 9) Title: Feb 128:39 AM (5 of 9) Discharging a capacitor simply connecting a charged capacitor to another circuit. The capacitor behaves like a (temporary) battery and delivers all its energy to the new circuit Title: Feb 128:50 AM (6 of 9) Title: Feb 129:02 AM (7 of 9) The circuit shown above includes a switch S, which can be closed to connect the 3microfarad capacitor in parallel with the 10ohm resistor or opened to disconnect the capacitor from the circuit. Case 1: Switch S is open. The capacitor is not connected. Under these conditions determine: a. the current in the battery b. the current in the 10ohm resistor c. the potential difference across the 10ohm resistor Case II: Switch S is closed. The capacitor is connected. After some time, the currents reach constant values. Under these conditions determine: d. the charge on the capacitor e. the energy stored in the capacitor Title: Feb 129:08 AM (8 of 9) In the circuit shown above, i 1 and i2 are the currents through resistors R l and R2, respectively. V 1, V2, and Vc are the potential differences across resistor R1 resistor R2, and capacitor C, respectively. Initially the capacitor is uncharged. a. Calculate the current i 1 immediately after switch S is closed. b. On the axes below, sketch the potential difference V 2 as a function of time t. Assume switch S has been closed for a long time. c. Calculate the current i2. d. Calculate the charge Q on the capacitor. e. Calculate the energy U stored in the capacitor. Title: Feb 129:21 AM (9 of 9) ...
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