physB notes- Krichhoffs rules

Physics, Vol. 1, Second Edition

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Unformatted text preview: Kirchhoff's Rules Title: Feb 28:45 AM (1 of 7) Title: Feb 28:59 AM (2 of 7) Title: Feb 29:06 AM (3 of 7) Title: Feb 29:09 AM (4 of 7) 1987B4. Three resistors are arranged in a circuit as shown above. The battery has an unknown but constant emf E and a negligible internal resistance. a. Determine the equivalent resistance of the three resistors. The current I in resistor R 3 is 0.40 ampere. b. Determine the emf E (Voltage) of the battery. c. Determine the potential difference across resistor R 1 d. Determine the power dissipated in resistor R 1 e. Determine the amount of charge that passes through resistor R 3 in one minute. Title: Feb 29:21 AM (5 of 7) Title: Feb 29:32 AM (6 of 7) Title: Feb 29:13 AM (7 of 7) ...
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