354 syllabus(2)

2 i must also send a letter to the department chair

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Unformatted text preview: es. These are individual reports. Safety, Clean- up, and Participation: Every chemist is responsible for his or her own safety, as well are the safety of everyone else in the lab. You must wear your goggles at all times in the lab. In addition, a messy lab is an unsafe lab. Everyone must: 1. Clean balance and balance area, immediately after use 2. Clean pellet press and press area, immediately after use 3. Pour all waste into the proper waste container, and recap waster container 4. Glassware: remove labels, wash, rinse with DI, and put in rack 5. Turn off all equipment and wash hands before leaving lab Every student should share equally in the clean- up work—there should not be a designated dishw...
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