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Unformatted text preview: RD CA DMA RYG L ESLV CUR AZEN RUS GY KD K V BRN COL ATG THA BLZ VCT IRN TON TM G ARM JAM AM N BTKM WA M PP NIC AR FJI WSM GEONG D ER LKA BIH PHL CU KR ZA E ZWEJOR U GINBOL IDN GNQ ALB UGUY ZB MDA HTI CMR IPAK VKAFSM MDV RQ GZ UTZE SUR HND CHN SVNM CG LSO CIV BGD IND SEN SYR LB GHA SCOM TP M BEN MNG MLI PRK RT RW A KENPLTJK MOZ N CAF GMB BFA MWI SDN LAO MDG UGA KIR ZMB TCD AGO TGO ETH SLE NER NGACOG BDI TZA ERI SOM BTN AFG KHM YEM GNB 14 13 12 11 ZAR 70 LUX SYR SCG 60 50 40 SLE ZMB AGO RWA LBR 30 10 6 7 8 9 Log GDP per capita, 2000 10 11 6 7 8 9 Log GDP per capita, 2000 10 11 FIGURE 1.6 The association between income per capita and life expectancy at birth in 2000. FIGURE 1.5 The association between income per capita and consumption per capita in 2000. For a definition of the abbreviations used in this and similar figures in the book, see /methods/m49/m49alpha.htm. high as 80 in the richest countries, it is only between 40 and 50 in many sub-Saharan African nations. These gaps represent huge welfare differences. Understa...
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