immersion programs total immersion programs in which

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Unformatted text preview: ilingual educa,on –  Op,on 2: English immersion •  Secondary source of controversy: Are other goals also important? –  Helping students maintain heritage languages –  Helping students maintain their own cultures Bilingual educa,on controversy •  Main source of controversy: What is the most effec,ve way of teaching Low English Proficiency students to speak English and learn other academic subjects effec,vely? –  Bilingual educa,on advocates claim that “Developing and maintaining the [student's] na,ve language in no way interferes with English language acquisi,on. On the contrary, research over the last decade in bilingual classrooms with established models of instruc,onal excellence indicates that u,liza,on of and facility in the primary language enhances the acquisi,on of a second language." Immersion programs •  Total Immersion – Programs in which all subjects taught in the lower grades (K- 2) are taught in the foreign language; instruc,on in English usually increases in the upper grades (3- 6) to 20%- 50%, depending on the program. •  Par/al Immersion – Programs in which up to 50% of subjects are taught in the foreign language; in some programs, the material taught in the foreign language is reinforced in English. •  Two- Way Immers...
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