asl grammar interrogadves facial expression matters

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Unformatted text preview: ually Coded English) and SEE (Signing Exact English) •  Code- switching between ASL and MCE or SEE. •  Contact signing - ASL signs using English word order accompanied by mouthing but not voice. Oren used with hearing people. How does sign language work? •  Manual signs are produced with the hands •  Non- manual signs are produced with face, head and body •  Facial expressions are an important component of signing Sign structure in ASL •  Manual signs have internal structure similar to words in spoken language. –  Hand shape (which fingers are open or closed) –  Palm orientaIon (facing towards or away from signer) –  LocaIon of the hand or hands (on body, head, in front of body…) –  Movement of hands (up/down; side to side; in an arc) Sign structure in ASL •  Sign language consists of holds and movements. –  A hold is when the hand is staDonary –  A movement is when some part of the sign - the handshape, the palm orientaDon, to locaDon, or the facial expression - is in the process of changing. ASL grammar: pronouns and tense •  Pronouns (he, she, it, they, we…etc.) –  Speakers establish a referent in space with a hand gesture and then refer to that point in space arerwards •  ASL does not mark tense with morphemes as speakers do for spoken languages. (inflecDon) •  Instead, once tense is established through either the imaginary Dme line*, use of !me signs (adverbs), or oren the addiDonal sign of finish, that specific tense remains valid unDl another change is made. ASL grammar: tense For example, to say "I saw your mother yesterday," the direct translaDon in sign would look like this: "I saw your mother yesterday." ASL grammar: interrogaDves Facial expression matters. Compare the ASL sentences for "I'm going to the restaurant" and "Are you going to the restaurant?" Questions are acco...
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