A transmimer and receiversimulator which receive

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Unformatted text preview: words; larger signing space). •  Register shiring: formal lectures- slower, larger signing space. Informal signing: less rigid space, one- handed, lots of overlap Deaf culture •  Deaf people are most comfortable around deaf people; they are more likely to marry another deaf person than a hearing person •  They don’t see their condiDon as a disability •  They have their own language – ASL •  They have fought long and hard for recogniDon and respect •  ASL has only recently been acknowledged as a legiDmate language (1960s) A town for the Deaf •  Marvin Miller wants to build a Deaf- centric town where ASL is the major medium of communicaDon •  He gave a talk at TedxIslay about his town for the Deaf idea in 2010 •  h{p://www.youtube.com/watch? v=WAmnGqjSB4M A town fo...
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