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Unformatted text preview: rnia State Assemblyman is concerned that “the supremacy of the English language is under alack” What do these examples tell us? •  They exemplify lots of different domains of life where linguisCc discriminaCon can affect us: –  At work –  In government –  In the media –  At school •  We will talk about some others later: –  In the housing market –  In medical situaCons A)tude vs. ideology •  A(tude: an opinion, held by an individual •  Ideology: a belief system or body of ideas (held and perpetuated by a group of people) Why do we think some ways of talking are beler than others? •  Lippi- Green takes a very hard stance on this: she says that it is because we think some people are beler than others, and we apply these judgments to the ways they talk •  She doesn’t really make this disCncCon, but I think it might be more helpful to think about behaviors and cultures as the things we are judging, rather than people per se •  This has a similar result, but it’s easier to imagine how we ourselves might perpetuate these beliefs rather than explici...
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