Ideology atude an opinion held by an individual

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Unformatted text preview: es. Another methodological problem l༆  In methods like matched guise and surveys, you are asking people to engage in an unnatural or unusual task: -  For example, in matched guise, you are asking listeners to rate speakers based on their speech, not on the content of what they are saying. -  This is not how most people engage in daily conversaCon – in real life, you pay alenCon to content! l༆  Why might this be a problem? A soluCon l༆  Experiments that put people in natural situaCons and observe their reacCons. Experimental measures of behavior l༆  Experimental studies of language a)tudes generally involve: -  PresenCng someone with speech or wriCng that varies in some socially significant respect. -  Observing how their behavior differs when presented with these different varieCes. Example: Housing DiscriminaCon l༆  Linguists have studied the problem of “linguisCc profiling,” in which people are discriminated against as a result of the listener making guesses about their ethnicity based on their speech over the phone. l༆  hlp:// l༆  We'll talk about this more later Weaknesses of Behavior Measures l༆  Behavior measures are one step removed from the a)tude itself: maybe the listener holds an a)tude, but doesn't do anything about it. -  people can have mulCple reasons for choosing the same behavior. -  l༆  Ethical issues: -  these studies o[en involve tricking people, for example by making them believe that someone is calling about an apartment when actually they are not. What aspects of language do people talk about? l༆  Niedzielski and Preston talk about different levels of awareness about features of language: -  unavailable:...
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