This includes all public documents records legislaon

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Unformatted text preview: accurately reflect efforts to pass official English, not “English- Only.” (from the US English website) What is the goal of the official English movement? •  Declaring English the official language means that official government business at all levels must be conducted solely in English. This includes all public documents, records, legisla,on and regula,ons, as well as hearings, official ceremonies and public mee,ngs. •  Official English legisla,on contains common- sense excep,ons permigng the use of languages other than English for such things as public health and safety services, judicial proceedings, foreign language instruc,on and the promo,on of tourism. What is the goal of the official English movement? Na,onal unity? Saving money on transla,ng things? Appropria,ng money for ESL? Crea,ng social pressure on immigrants to learn English? •  Figh,ng bilingual educa,on? •  •  •  •  English First...
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