Crealng a black idenlty mikes intenlonal use of aave

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Unformatted text preview: e grammaLcal aspects Mike’s Grammar •  A few instances of copula deleLon, but not enough to assess Mike’s command of this grammaLcal feature “What up? What up?” •  Too common a phrase to analyze •  Didn’t display other features such as: –  Third singular –s absence, e.g. He eats vs. He eat –  Habitual be, e.g. She be shoppin’ –  SystemaLc copula deleLon, e.g. He tall Mike’s Phonology •  AAVE features more abundant in his phonology •  Features he used: –  Schwa pronunciaLon of the before a vowel –  Pre- vocalic r- lessness Mike’s Phonology (cont’d.) –  TH- stopping: Voiced dental stops for word- iniLal posiLon and voiceless stops for word- final posiLon –  E.g., the, this, those duh, dis, doze –  E.g. with wit Lexicon •  Used some lexical items from mid- 1990’s hip- hop culture AAVE Phonological Features and Their Frequency Among Different Groups of People vs. Frequency in Mike’s ConversaLon Mike’s Sources of Access to AAVE...
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