She was raised in an african american neighborhood her

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Unformatted text preview: ironically discussed their disapproval of the Yorkville crew, who they said ‘wished they lived [in Harlem]’ and spoke unauthenLc AAVE Cutler’s Conclusion •  “AppropriaLon of black cultural forms is not a new phenomenon” •  While the case study on Mike isn’t representaLve of the adopLon of AAVE by non- African Americans, Mike’s is not an isolated incident •  Mike’s linguisLc behavior has complex social as well as personal origins Where is Mike now? Age 19 (1999) ConLnues to use AAVE phonology and lexical items Sophomore at a conservaLve private college “Has shed the gangster/ghe\o image he projected in his early teens in favor of a more clean cut, ‘preppie’ look, yet conLnues to get involved in violent confrontaLons” •  Facing academic and d...
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