So where words like police hotel and july are

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Unformatted text preview: •  Listen to the lyrics of another song •  Write down any nonstandard features you hear •  See if you think those nonstandard features might come from AAVE Ke$ha lyrics •  Gonna smack him if he geWn’ too drunk •  The party don’t start ‘Ll I walk in •  Po- lice, po- po Po- lice •  AAVE differs from some other varieLes in the placement of stress in a word. So, where words like police, hotel and July are pronounced with stress on the last syllable in standard English, in AAVE they may have stress placed on the first syllable so that you get po- lice, ho- tel and Ju- ly. Is this authenLc? White rappers: a recipe for disaster? Can you be an authenLc white hip hopper? h\p:// When language crossing fails Is it just AA...
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