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Unformatted text preview: ice, got his arms broken by a rival gang •  Gave out brother’s phone number from Brooklyn to hide the fact he lived in Manha\an •  Mike’s self- alignment with the AAVE- speaking community relied mostly on “stereotyped concepLons of gangs and African- American urban street culture” Changes to Mike’s LinguisLc Behavior •  Age 13: “I go\a ask, I mean, aks, my mom.” •  Early a\empt at imitaLng AAVE features Data Collected on Mike’s LinguisLc Behavior •  Data collected in the form of recorded interviews, group sessions with Mike’s friends, and conversaLons between Mike and his friends recorded by Mike himself •  Most of the AAVE- like elements in Mike’s speech were phonological, though a few were grammaLcal •  Cutler notes that Labov (1972) commented that outsiders to a dialect can more easily acquire lexical and phonological aspects of the dialect but have more difficulty adopLng th...
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