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Unformatted text preview: Listeners are able to iden'fy dialects with very liale speech data. They are also able to make accurate guesses about a speaker's ethnicity. Dialect correlates with housing discriminatory prac'ces. If you don't speak SAE, your luck goes down the more White (or affluent, we're not sure in this study) an area is. Is linguis'c profiling really that surprising? l༆  l༆  The idea that a listener would guess a speaker's race based on their voice might seem very obvious to you. But to many people, this sounds surprising and controversial. Language- based mockery •  The other ar'cle you read for today was more about mockery than discrimina'on •  This is about the way people treat speakers of other varie'es than their own •  Mockery is part of how people...
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