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Civil rights act of 1964 quick poll what would you do

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Unformatted text preview: eaching” them to people •  3) misinforma'on –  Telling people that “two nega'ves make a posi've” Is it legal to discriminate based on language? •  “An adverse employment decision may be predicated upon an individual’s accent when – but only when – it interferes materially with job performance.” – Civil Rights Act of 1964 Quick Poll •  What would you do if someone discriminated against your accent in the workplace? –  A) I would take legal ac'on –  B) I would just try to find another job •  hap://www.kswt.com/story/16519710/judge- orders- san- luis- candidate- to- prove- english- profienceny Is this wrong? •  Do you think this candidate should be allowed to run for office? –  A) yes –  B) no Linguis'c Profiling l༆  l༆  What can we...
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