Conclusions l l l l listeners are able to idenfy

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Unformatted text preview: t success with it. Experiment 2 l༆  l༆  l༆  20 speakers of either AAVE, ChE, or SAE recorded saying, “Hello, I'm calling to see about the apartment you have adver'sed in the paper.” Also included Baugh as a speaker, to test to see if his guises were evaluated as accurate. 421 Stanford students listened a clip 3 'mes, asked to iden'fy ethnicity and sex of speaker. (Chose between African American, Hispanic American, European American) Results of Experiment 2 l༆  l༆  Baugh's 3 guises were “accurately” perceived as being African American, Hispanic American, and European American. Overall, iden'fica'ons were very accurate: -  Speaker with the lowest accuracy was 77% -  Highest was 97% -  Average accuracy per speaker was 86.36% Experiment 3: You had me at “hello” l༆  l༆  l༆  Extracted only the word “hello” from Baugh's 3 g...
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