Experiment 1 l l a matched guise experiment with john

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Unformatted text preview: deniability: people can always claim that they didn't know the race of the speaker. How accurately can listeners guess ethnicity? l༆  l༆  This plausible deniability issue is not just a theore'cal problem, it's a prac'cal problem: can you legally punish someone for discrimina'ng against a person based on their voice? Showing that listeners are able to accurately guess a speaker's ethnicity at a high rate helps the legal case for punishing linguis'c profilers. Language- based housing discrimina'on Discussion l༆  l༆  Did you find anything strange about how the 20/20 reporters described linguis'c profiling? In a later part of this segment, a reporter asks John Baugh, “Isn't it racist to predict someone's race by the sound of their voice?” What do you think? Thomas Purnell, Willi...
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