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What does this mean margaret cho imitates her mother

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Unformatted text preview: uises. Par'cipants: 50 undergrads at U Delaware, all European American speakers of SAE. Listened to each token twice, asked to pick a dialect. Results for Experiment 3 l༆  l༆  Listeners were able to accurately judge the dialect over 70% of the 'me. This is preay interes'ng, because “hello” doesn't contain any typical dis'nguishing features for AAVE, ChE, or SAE. Experiment 4 l༆  Looked for acous'c cues in “hello” to determine how listeners were making their judgments. Results for Experiment 4 l༆  Found four acous'c cues: -  frontness of hello vowel -  pitch contour -  dura'on of first syllable -  harmonic- to- noise ra'o l༆  Note: Baugh was producing these tokens, but he had no idea what the differences were between them; they had to study them to find out. Conclusions l༆  l༆  l༆  l༆ ...
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