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Unformatted text preview: tell about people from listening to their accents? What are the prac'cal consequences of listeners being able to dis'nguish between accents? Linguis'c Profiling l༆  l༆  l༆  l༆  As we know, not all people in a par'cular social category speak in the same way. But, there are ways of speaking associated with par'cular social categories. Listeners inevitably use their sociolinguis'c knowledge to make guesses about the social categories that the speaker belongs to. Some'mes, this can guide their behavior in nega've ways. Housing Discrimina'on What is housing discrimina'on? l༆  Refers to a cluster of problems: -  Difficulty obtaining housing in par'cular neighborhoods -  Lower home values -  Discrimina'on in mortgage lending l༆  Housing discrimina'on was made illegal by the Fair Housing and Civil Rights Act of...
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