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Unformatted text preview: ontact (know people who live in the South of England) -  social prac[ces (sports, engagement with other media, etc.) -  engagement with TV (EastEnders in par[cular) Stuart- Smith Findings l༆  l༆  Found that adolescents who were more “engaged” with EastEnders used more (th) (dh) fron[ng. However, also found that watching or being engaged with EastEnders was not more likely to make you have posi[ve aktudes towards London accents. Idea: early adopters l༆  Stuart- Smith tested the idea that media is more important for early adopters of a change. -  Why does this make sense? l༆  She has found that this is the case for (dh) fron[ng, which is a newer change. Summary of Findings l༆  l༆  l༆  Some Glaswegian people who are into EastEnders adopt (th) (dh) fron[ng, and some don't. But, overall, many people who adopt the fron[ng are into EastEnders. Conclusion: at least some people are changing their language based on the language they hear on television. Discussion l༆  l༆  l༆  Do you think anything like this could happen in the US? Why do you think people believe that we are influenced by the speech on television more than we actually are? What do you think of the idea of parasocial interac[on? Can you be friends with a tv character? So Weird, So Cool, So Innova[ve: The use of intensifiers...
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