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Thetoneisunprofessional andnotappropriatefor

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Unformatted text preview: rrow for paper length and / or marginally related to the course. Simple chronology with no discernable argument. Logical and factual errors. Significant problems with understanding of historical content. The tone is unprofessional and not appropriate for an academic paper. (0 – 9.7 points) Content 30 percent Research and Documentation 25 percent Relevant and legitimate information clearly supports the argument and shows a thoughtful, in‐depth analysis of a significant topic. The reader gains important insights. Demonstrates the author gained in‐depth new knowledge about the topic. (27 – 30 points) Five relevant primary / secondary sources demonstrating extensive, in‐ depth research. No tertiary sources. Little reliance on tertiary sources. Sources skillfully incorporated into the paper at all necessary points. At least five citations and five sources listed in the bibliography. Citations from at least two sources. Citations and bibliography follow the Chicago Manual of Style. (22.5 ‐ 25 points) Information provides reasonable support f...
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