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0244points norelevantsecondary sourcesnoprimary

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Unformatted text preview: ion errors. Citations from at least two sources. Citations and bibliography do not follow the Chicago Manual of Style and no attempt made to do so. (10.5 – 11.9 points) The argument not clearly identified. Analysis is vague or not evident. Reader is confused or may be misinformed; important insights are not evident. Demonstrates that author gained minimal new knowledge about the topic. (0 – 24.4 points) No relevant secondary sources, no primary sources. Over reliance on tertiary sources. No sources Spotty documentation of facts. Pattern of citation errors. One or less citation and one or less source. Citation from only one source. No citations and / or no bibliography. (0 – 10.4 points) General Education History Written Assignment Rubric Organization and Style 15 percent Grammar / Spelling 15 percent The ideals logically support the purpose or argument. They flow smoothly from one to another and clearly linked to each other. The reader c...
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