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28305points twoormorerelevant primarysecondarysources

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Unformatted text preview: Manual of Style. (13.5 ‐ 15 points) Information provides reasonable support for the argument and displays evidence of a basic analysis of the topic. The reader gains some important insights. Demonstrates the author gained solid new knowledge about the topic and significance of events. (28– 30.5 points) Two or more relevant primary / secondary sources revealing adequate research. No tertiary sources. Sources appropriately referenced in the paper. Citations from at least two sources. Citations and bibliography do not follow the Chicago Manual of Style but an attempt was clearly made to do so. (12 – 13.4 points) Information supports the argument at times. Analysis is basic or general. The reader gains a few important insights. Demonstrates the author gained some new knowledge about the topic and the significance of events. (24.5 – 27.9 points) One or no relevant secondary sources; one or no primary sources. More than one tertiary source. Some facts not referenced. Several citat...
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