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Unformatted text preview: the student substantively respond to at least one other student post? Timeliness Were both the initial and response posts submitted prior to the required due date? Points Earned Points Earned Page 3 of 8 First Page Next Page Previous Page Last Page Week 3 Position Paper: Roles & Responsibilities of the Intelligence Community Submitted: Category Description Points Possbile Thesis and Organization Did the submission: (1) clearly and concisely answer the question being asked? (2) effectively transition from one point to the next? 12.5 Subject Knowledge Did the submission demonstrate a detailed understanding of the subject material by: (1) identifying the key points/concepts beyond the immediately obvious? and (2) incorporating examples from the course readings to include central facts, figures, and/or statements? 20.0 Critical Thinking Did the submission reflect a higher-level of critical thinking necessary for 300/400 level work by: (1) drawing logical conclusions (beyond the immediately obvious)? (2) supporting ideas with current and/or world views? and (3) displaying the intellectual development of ideas? 20.0 Grammar, Mechanics, & Citations Did the submission (1) contain proper grammar, word usage, and spelling? and (2) properly cite references using the Turabian style format? 12.5 65.0 Sub-Total Length Was the submission a minimum of 48 lines long? Timeliness Was the submission submitted on time? Points Earned Points Earned Page 4 of 8 First Page Next Page Week 4: Mid-Term Examination Previous Page Last Page Submitted: Multiple Choice Points Possbile 200.0 Grades for the mid-term examination will automatically by entered into the grade book when the examination is submitted. Points Earned Page 5 of 8 First Page Next Page Previous Page Last Page Week 5 Forum (Discussion) Post: Measurement & Signals Intelligence Submitted: Initial Post Category Description Points Possible Thesis and Organization Did the post: (1) follow the format contained in the instructor policies? (2) clearly & concisely answer the question being asked? (3) e...
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