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One major function of the striatum is the regulation

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Unformatted text preview: striatum is the regulation of posture and muscle tonus. © TND 2005 TND Substantia nigra and the extrapyramidal system Substantia CORTEX + + STRIATUM D1 D2 D1 GPe SNc − SNr + STN + GPi THALAMUS NORMAL MOTOR CONTROL © TND 2005 TND Neurochemistry of PD Neurochemistry Late 1950s: Dopamine (DA) present in mammalian Late brain, and the levels highest within the striatum. brain, 1960, Ehringer and Hornykiewicz: The levels of DA 1960, severely reduced in the striatum of PD patients. severely PD symptoms become manifest when about 50-60 % PD of the DA-containing neurons in the substantia nigra and 70-80 % of striatal DA are lost. and © TND 2005 TND Dopamine pathways in human brain Dopamine © TND 2005 TND Dopamine synthesis Dopamine © TND 2005 TND Therapy of PD: levodopa Therapy Late 1950s: L-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA; Late levodopa), a precursor of DA that crosses the blood-brain barrier, could restore brain DA levels and motor functions in animals treated with catecholamine depleting drug (reserpine). drug First treatment attempts in PD patients wi...
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