Tnd 2005 tnd additional clinical features of pd

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Unformatted text preview: © TND 2005 TND Additional clinical features of PD Additional Postural instability: Due to loss of postural reflexes. Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system: Impaired gastrointestinal motility, bladder dysfunction, sialorrhea, excessive head and neck sweating, and orthostatic hypotension. Depression: Mild to moderate depression in 50 % of patients. Cognitive impairment: Mild cognitive decline including impaired visual-spatial perception and attention, slowness in execution of motor tasks, and impaired concentration in most patients; at least 1/3 become demented during the course of the disease. © TND 2005 TND Neuropathology of PD Neuropathology Eosinophilic, round intracytoplasmic inclusions called lewy bodies and Lewy neurites. First desc...
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