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Drug first treatment attempts in pd patients with

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Unformatted text preview: th levodopa First resulted in dramatic but short-term improvements; took years before it become an established and succesfull treatment. treatment. Still today, levodopa cornerstone of PD treatment; Still virtually all the patients benefit. virtually © TND 2005 TND Therapy of PD: limitations of levodopa Therapy Efficacy tends to decrease as the disease progresses. Chronic treatment associated with adverse events Chronic (motor fluctuations, dyskinesias and neuropsychiatric problems). neuropsychiatric © TND 2005 TND Inhibition of peripheral COMT by entacapone increases the amount of L-DOPA and dopamine in the brain and improves the alleviation of PD symptoms. © TND 2005 TND Therapy of PD: limitations of levodopa Therapy Does not prevent the continuous degeneration Does of nerve cells in the subtantia nigra, the treatment being therefore symptomatic. treatment symptomatic. © TND 2005 TND Therapy of PD: Other t...
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