In fact the matlab offers us a function called p i c

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Unformatted text preview: a function called p i c m rnop ( which can perform PCA conveniently. From the matlab help file on p i c m , rnop you can find the details about this function. But here we will analyze the code of the function of p i c m ( in matlab to find something different when comparing with SVD rnop) method. The following is the code of princomp and explanations to some emphasized steps. fnto [c soe ltn,tqae =picm() ucin p, cr, aet sur] rnopx; % PICM PicplCmoetAayi (etrdadsae dt) RNOP rnia opnn nlss cnee n cld aa. % [C SOE LTN,TQAE =PICM()tksadt mti Xad P, CR, AET SUR] RNOPX ae aa arx n % rtrstepicplcmoet i P,tes-aldZsoe i S eun h rnia opnns n C h ocle -crs n C % OE,teegnauso tecvrac mti o Xi LTN, RS h ievle fh oaine arx f n AET % adHtligsTsurdsaitcfrec dt piti TQAE n oeln' -qae ttsi o ah aa on n SUR. % Rfrne J Ewr Jcsn AUe' Giet PicplCmoet eeec: . dad ako, srs ud o rnia opnns % Jh Wly&Sn,Ic 19 p.12. on ie os n. 91 p -5 % B Jns31-4 . oe -79 % Cprgt19-02TeMtWrs Ic oyih 9320 h ahok, n. % $eiin 29$ $ae 20/11 2:14 $ Rvso: . Dt: 020/7 13:5 [,]=sz() mn iex; % gttelnho terw adclmso mti x e h eg fh os n oun f arx . r=mnm1n; i(-,) % mxpsil rn o X a osbe ak f ag=ma() v enx; % tema o eeyclm o X h en f vr oun f cnex=( -agoe(,):) etr x v(nsm1,); % cnesXb sbrcigofclm mas etr y utatn f oun en [,aetp]=sdcnex/qtm1,) Ultn,c v(; % "cnm sz"dcmoiin eooy ie eopsto soe=cnexp; cr etr*c % terpeetto o Xi tepicplcmoetsae h ersnain f nh rnia opnn pc i nrot<3 f agu rtr; eun ed n ltn =da(aet.2 aet igltn)^; i( fr ltn =[aet1r;zrsnr1] aet ltn(:) eo(-,); soe:r1ed =0 cr(,+:n) ; ed n i nrot<4 f agu rtr; eun ed n tp=sr(ig1/aet1r)*cr(,:); m qtda(.ltn(:))soe:1r' tqae=smtp*m); sur u(' From the above code, we should pay attention to the following aspects when comparing with SVD method: First, Rows of correspond to observations, columns to var...
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