In sum neural network lacks a strong learning theory

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Unformatted text preview: his field of study is trying to accomplish. For example, the goal of machine learning may be to mimic the 'learning' function of the brain, but necessarily the processes the brain uses to learn. As for the algorithm, since it does not have a convex form, we still face the problem of local minimum, although people have devised other techniques to avoid this dilemma. In sum, Neural Network lacks a strong learning theory to back up its "success", thus it's hard for people to wisely apply and adjust it. Having said that, it is not an active research area in machine learning. NN still has wide applications in the engineering field such as in control. BUSINESS APPLICATIONS OF NEURAL NETWORKS Neural networks are increasingly being used in real- world business applications and, in some cases, such as fraud detection, they have already become the method of choice. Their use for risk assessment is also growing and they have been employed to visualize complex databases for marketing segmentation. This method covers a wide range of business interests — from finance management, through forecasting, to production. The combination of statistical, neural and fuzzy methods now enables direct quantitative studies to be carried out without the need for rocket- science expertise. On the Use of Neural Networks for Analysis Travel Preference Data Extracting Rules Concerning Market Segmentation from Artificial Neural Networks Characterization and Segmenting the Business- to- Consumer E- Commerce Market Using Neural Networks A Neurofuzzy Model for Predicting Business Bankruptcy Neural Networks for Analysis of Financial Statements Developments in Accurate Consumer Risk Assessment Technology Strategies for Exploiting Neural Networks in Retail Finance Novel Techniques for Profiling and Fraud Detection in Mobile Telecommunications Detecting Payment Card Fraud with Neural Networks Money Laundering Detection with a Neural- Network Utilizing Fuzzy Logic and Neurofuzzy for Business Advantage...
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