1710 business and the law course assessment

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Unformatted text preview: 50% of final mark 15 LEGT 1710 Business and the Law 16 LEGT 1710 Business and the Law Course Assessment Assignment 1: • AVAILABLE NOW ON BLACKBOARD • This assignment is a legal research exercise • Due Week 5: week beginning Monday 13 August • Must be handed to your tutor in your Week 5 tutorial class Course Assessment Assignment 2: • Due Monday 17 September • This assignment will be a problem question that will require students to advise on the legal liability of one or more parties • Must upload onto Blackboard (Turnitin) by 5pm on Monday 17 September • Hard copy to be submitted to by 5pm on Tuesday 18 September 17 18 LEGT 1710 Business and the Law LEGT 1710 Business and the Law Prescribed text Course Assessment Final exam: • At end of the semester: date to be advised • Final exam will: • Paul Latimer, Australian Business Law (CCH, 31st ed, 2012) • Earlier editions are not encouraged as there have been significant changes to the law, resulting in updates to the 2012 edition of this book cover all topics discussed in both the lectures and tutorials be ‘closed book’: no materials allowed into the exam 19 20 LEGT 1710 Business and the Law LEGT 1710 Business and the Law Overview of Weekly Topics • • Week 1 Lecture Week 1: Week 2: Introduction - the role of law in business Role of the courts, legal reasoning and statutory interpretation • Weeks 3-6: Contract law • Week 7: Property law Mid-semester break 3 to 7 September 2012 • Weeks 8-9: Tort law • Week 10: Consumer law • Week 11: Competition law • Week 12: Business Structures; Risk Management/Compliance • Sources of law Statute law Common law Equity • Classification of laws • Origins of Australian law Number of ways law is classified Inherited England’s Westminster system Federation 1901 The Australian Constitution Commonwealth/State powers Separation of Powers Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary (next week) (See Course Outline for weekly readings) 21 LEGT 1710 Business and the Law 22 What is law? Week 1: Overview On completion of this week you should be able to: Explain the nature of law in our society Identify the different ways laws can be classified Distinguish between the different types of legal systems Identify the different sources of Australian Law Give a brief history of Australian law and the Australian legal system Identify the main characteristics of the Australian legal system 23 the law is a systematic set of rules to contr...
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