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Unformatted text preview: ackboard See Course Outline Tutorial Program Lecture slides - weekly Assignments You must check this site regularly 5 6 LEGT 1710 Business and the Law LEGT 1710 Business and the Law Tutorials: • Tutorials commence in Week 2 and continue to Week 13 Tutorials • Enrol in a tutorial through myUNSW • myUNSW does not allow for allocated class times to clash. Therefore, you will not be allowed to change your tutorial time if you cite clashing times as your reason 7 LEGT 1710 Business and the Law 8 LEGT 1710 Business and the Law Tutorials • Primary point of contact is your tutor • Admin queries regarding tutorials should be directed to the School Manager, Mr Tim Neems ([email protected]) Tutorials • Please contact the Lecturer-in-charge if you are: unable to attend your assigned tutorial are not enrolled in a tutorial having problems enrolling in a tutorial 9 LEGT 1710 Business and the Law 10 LEGT 1710 Business and the Law Tutorials • Students must attend their allocated tutorial and no other • Students attending other tutorials without permission will not be marked for attendance at that tutorial 11 Tutorials – please NOTE: • Tutorial allocations cannot be changed after the end of Week 3 12 LEGT 1710 Business and the Law LEGT 1710 Business and the Law Tutorials • Topics and problems for each week are set out in the Tutorial Guide • Each topic/problem must be prepared for discussion in class by each student Tutorials • No written answers will be provided to any of the tutorial questions • Do not ask for answers to the tutorial questions to be given out or posted on Blackboard • The purpose of a tutorial questions is not to simply learn a standard answer • The focus of each question is on the process of how to apply your understanding of the lecture materials to a problem situation to help you gauge your own level of competence • Simply giving you standard written answers will defeat this purpose 13 LEGT 1710 Business and the Law 14 LEGT 1710 Business and the Law Course Assessment • Class Participation Course Assessment In order to pass this course, you must: • achieve a total mark of at least 50/100 AND • attend 80% of lectures and your allocated tutorials AND • make a satisfactory attempt at all assessment tasks worth 10% of final mark, for participation in your tutorials • Two Assignments Assignment 1 is worth 15% Assignment 2 is worth 25% • Final exam in exam period worth...
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