You may assume constant masses 2 co 27 tweaked

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Unformatted text preview: d v2 = and go dt dt from there. You may assume constant masses. 2. [C&O 2.7 (tweaked)] Calculate the escape speed from the Solar System, starting from Earth's orbit. This is the minimum speed spacecraft must reach to escape directly from Earth to interstellar space (e.g. - New Horizons). You can assume that the Sun constitutes all of the mass of the Solar System. NOTE: For full credit, clearly explain your reasoning. A table of planetary physical properties is provided at the end of this problem set if you need it, but cite your sources. 3. [C&O 2.8] a. The Hubble Space Telescope is in a nearly circular orbit, approximately 610 km (380 miles) above the surface of Earth. Estimate its orbital period. b. Communications and weather satellites are often placed in geosynchronous “parking” orbits above Earth. These are orbits where satellites can remain fixed above a specific point on the surface of Earth. At what altitude must these satellites be located? c. Is it possible for a satellite in a geosynchronous orbit to remain "...
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