7 on january 21 how many times brighter are we

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Unformatted text preview: tude of 8 and the observed magnitude of 11.7 on January 21, how many times brighter are we estimating this supernova will get? 3. Show that an error or uncertainty of δ ( m − M ) = 0.1 magnitudes in the distance modulus is roughly equivalent to a 5% error in d such that Propagation of errors is your friend as is derivative δd = 0.05 . HINT: d dx 10 = 10 x ln (10 ) . dx 4. [C&O 3.8] The average person has 1.4 m2 of skin at a skin temperature of roughly 306K (92°F). Consider the average person to be an ideal radiator standing in a room at a temperature of 293K (68°F). a. Calculate the energy per second radiated by the average person in the form of blackbody radiation. Express your answer in watts. b. Determine the peak wavelength λmax of the blackbody radiation emitted by the average person. In what region of the electromagnetic spectrum is this wavelength found? c. A blackbody also absorbs energy from its environment, in this case from the 293K room. The equation describing the absorption is the same as the equ...
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