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Unformatted text preview: equency νmax at which the Planck function Bν attains its maximum value is given by the expression kT ν max ≈ 2.82 . (Warning: νmax ≠ c/λmax) HINT: You will need to show h that when the Planck function Bν attains its maximum value, we have 3( e x − 1) = xe x where x is some combination of variables including frequency. The only way to solve for the value of x (other than the trivial x=0) is numerically [Wolfram Alpha or Maple are able to do it]. b. What is the value of νmax for the surface of the Sun (Te = 5777 K)? c. Find the wavelength of a light wave having frequency νmax. In what region of the electromagnetic spectrum is this wavelength found? – Page 3 of 3 –...
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