11 d find the mass of ngc 2639 that is interior to

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Unformatted text preview: e didn’t dwell on it in lecture, but there is a radius-luminosity relationship for early-type spirals given by equation (25.11). d. Find the mass of NGC 2639 that is interior to R25. e. What is the luminosity of the galaxy (in L⊙) in the B band? (Note: MB,⊙=5.47) f. Calculate the mass-to-light ratio for NGC 2639 in the B band, interior to R25. – Page 3 of 4 – 5. Synthetic Spectrum of Spiral Galaxy: Let’s now do a simulation of the 21-cm line spectrum of a spiral galaxy. a. Open the Synthetic_Galaxy_HI_Spectra.ipynb notebook. Run the IPython notebook to the end with the “default” galaxy model. Read the description of what is going on in the IPython notebook. Notice the final image produced is automatically saved to a file, named based o...
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