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Unformatted text preview: l be ready to go. NOTE: For this problem set, unless directed otherwise, please assume the IAU values for Sun’s rotational velocity, Θ0 = 220 km/s, and galactocentric radius, R0 = 8.5 kpc. – Page 1 of 4 – 1. [Variant of Problem 2 .19 from Sparke and Gallagher] The G a l a x y ’s n e u t r a l hydrogen (HI) disk extends outward to about 2.5R0. From the attached rotation curve of the galaxy, show that the mass M(<2.5R0) ≈ 11M [start with 3×10 ⊙ e quation (24.49)]. G i v e n t h e d i s k ’s luminosity of about LB ∼ 1.8 × 1010 L⊙ (from Table 24.1) and the bulge luminosity of LB ∼ 0.3 × 1010 L⊙ of that, show that the mass-to-light ratio of the Milky Way has M/LB ~15. Recent observations suggest that the mass-to-light ra...
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