Save and print those images b what happens to the

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Unformatted text preview: n your selected inclination angle and redshift. Produce images at 5 different inclinations including face-on (incl=0) and near edge on (incl=85). Save and print those images. b. What happens to the double horn profile in the unresolved spectra as the galaxy is more an more inclined? Consider how Tully-Fisher method of estimating a galaxy’s luminosity requires us to estimate the maximum HI rotation velocity. How is the measurability of quantity affected by the inclination of the galaxy? c. Now consider the resolved HI velocity field, which shows what a VLA might see when looking at this field. The lines are velocity contours. Describe what happens to the velocity contours in the resolved 2-D image as the galaxy becomes more and more inclined? 6. [C&O 25.20] According to the virial theorem, the central radial-velocity dispersion is related to the mass and size of the galaxy by σ r2 ∝ M / R (see Eq. 25.13). Use arguments similar to those for the Tully-Fisher relation to show that L ∝ σ r4 , which is the Faber-Jackson relation, Eq. (25.40). – Page 4 of 4 –...
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